Primitive Skate | The Pendleton Zoo

The Pendleton Zoo promo video featuring: Diego Najera, Carlos Ribeiro, Bastien Salabanzi, Trent McClung and Marek Zaprazny. Filmed by Alan Hannon and Kevin Perez.

Nyjah Huston NRG Ricta Wheels

Ricta's NRG formula is the fastest urethane in skateboarding!
Proven in the laboratory and backed up with testimonials from professional skaters Brandon Westgate, Caswell Berry, Cairo Foster, Tom Asta and Nyjah Huston.

Deathwish - Taylor Kirby Pro Commercial

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Grizzly Griptape x Central Skateboarding

You can never go wrong with the smooth style of Chico Brenes & Danny Hamaguchi. Pick up the Grizzly Griptape x Central Skateboarding collection at retailers world wide.

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